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Prodcut Name: Ink Roll Coder Machine(HP-1100)
Place of Origin:China
Certification: ISO9001-CE
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  • HP-1100 Ink roll coder machine is a newly date code Printer with novel structure, developed from the original design of our factory. It can be equipped with all kinds of flow packing machine and continuously vertical packing machine for tracing and printing production date, lot number, expire date, etc. automatically. Compact in structure, convenient in assembling and using, fast in printing with large printing cover, flexible in formatting types, and much shorter in the minimum printing distance, it has widely used in food and drug industries.

    1. Adopts stepper motor, steady in quality, long usage life. Automatically trace the packing speed and the print speed can keep pace with the packing speed.

    2. Removable print head and special word change structure, the characters easy to install and replace.

  • Model HP-1100
    Voltage(V/Hz) 110/220 50/60
    Power(kw) 1
    Max Printing Speed (pcs/min) 300
    R type:12line,Max line:1types T type:13line,Max line:20types
    R type:12line,Max line:1types
    Size of character(Height)(mm) 3.5、4.5、5.5
    Size of Solid-Ink Roller (mm) ф36×32mm、   ф36*40mm
    Printing distance ≥38mm(4 lines)、≥70mm(2 lines)
    Weight for printer (without Stand)(kg) 3.5
    Max.Film Width (mm) 200-800
    Dimension (mm) 400x180x260
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